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Fil-Tec Glide Colour Card

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The Glide color chart is your go-to resource for choosing a Glide thread color. This Glide color card has swatches of all 250 colors of Glide thread, 20 skinny Glide 60 thread colors, 17 stunning Glisten metallic threads, 18 beautiful variegated polyester Affinity options, and five Luminary glow-in-the-dark colors.

You’ll find the Glide color chart especially helpful when ordering thread online. The pictures on you computer or phone screen are not always a true representation of the actual thread. Because the Glide color card has an actual swatch of every thread color, you can shop with confidence that the thread you’re ordering is the color you need!

Simply put, Glide thread is perfection. It is a 40 weight poly that has a slight sheen. It is like a good pair of diamond earrings- it catches the eye without being obnoxious about it. Use it for machine quilting or machine embroidery. It will work equally well doing either or both.