CreativeStudio 7.1 Features

  • CreativeStudio 7 is the ultimate tool for quilters.
  • Use the same tools as professional designers to place, edit and quilt patterns. Or, design and customize your very own patterns.
  • Integrated pattern management allows you to organize and search your patterns. Use the PatternCloud to seamlessly browse, search and purchase new patterns.
  • Create layouts and view them on screen before you stitch.
  • Customize designs by stretching, rotating, moving, dividing, flipping, copying, and re-shaping patterns.
  • Customize a pattern for a whole quilt or each block.
  • Create multiple quilt groups and copy, cut and paste to edit patterns between the groups.
  • Customize your tool and menu bars for convenience and minimize menus to increase your screen workspace.
  • Automatically fit patterns to any shaped block or boundary. Or, customize patterns to fit any shape block, making irregular piecing look good!
  • Use drawing capabilities to express your creativity.
  • Run your machine freehand and record patterns for future use.
  • Add depth by sewing rings around or inside your patterns with Echo Pattern.
  • Place designs in a circular pattern with Circular Array.
  • Quilt around the appliqué, not over it, with the trim feature for blocks and pantographs.
  • Let the computer design an edge-to-edge quilt by calculating rows and spacing.
  • Use automated features to easily “stitch-in-the ditch.”
  • Set border pieces and corners to sew continuously.
  • Fill sews without tie offs around or inside your appliqué.
  • Load any image into the software.
  • Flow patterns along any shape by using Apply Pattern.
  • Use nodes to make each pattern completely elastic.
  • Stand Alone Mode allows you to design on your laptop, away from the stitcher.

About CreativeStudio 7

CreativeStudio 7 is the ultimate tool for quilters. Enjoy the same software professionals use to design, place, edit and customize patterns to stitch out on your Statler by Gammill®. CreativeStudio 7.1 gives you unlimited possibilities with amazing new features including an intuitive new design and integrated pattern management. Expand your library with the new Gammill PatternCloud™ store, where you can browse, search and purchase from thousands of designs.

Try CreativeStudio 7

Demo CreativeStudio 7.1 on your home computer. Download the software for free to try all the options and possibilities.

More on CreativeStudio 7

CreativeStudio 7.1 User Manual (PDF) Printed copies of the manual may be ordered from your local Gammill Dealer. Visit the Software Updates Page for installation instructions, download notes, etc. CreativeStudio 7.0 Video Library Best of Both Worlds Gammill Statler Longarm Owners Facebook Group