Look what Gammill Quilting Posted on their Facebook page. Woohoo!!

"Kawartha Quilting Systems hosted a success conference in this weekend in Canada! Here are just a few of the positive comments about the retreat:

“Everything was fantastic from the accommodations to the speaker and everything in between.”

“Pip, Eric and Zack were perfect hosts, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They did a great job organizing this retreat and I hope they will be encouraged to do it again.”

“JoAn Knight...... Thank you for your energy, brilliance, and skills at covering everything, staying on track, repeating, and showing how easy it is to do it again if you make a mistake. You made us feel like we could do it all, too. What an inspiration.”

“What a great retreat! JoAn is a wonderful teacher, the demo and information is priceless. We own great machine and learning new ways to use them is definitely a bonus.”