New "Apply" mode available tomorrow on Creative Studio 6

"This week’s CreativeStudio 6.0 feature is Apply. Apply automatically places Point to Point (P2P) patterns following the path of another pattern. Patterns placed using Apply will automatically connect and sew continuously. P2P patterns also are no longer restricted to straight lines as the Apply feature will curve the P2P pattern to follow the path of your selected pattern. Click to view a video of Paul Statler demonstrating the Apply feature.

Please Note - Computer Requirements for CreativeStudio 6.0

• If you are currently running CreativeStudio 5.0, you are ready to run CreativeStudio 6.0!

• If you are currently running any version prior to Creative Studio 5.0 you may need a new Statler computer if you wish to upgrade to CreativeStudio 6.0. In order to run CreativeStudio 6.0, your Statler computer needs to be running Windows 7 or above, and your controller must be a Mod A or newer (any letter after A) and have the latest drivers installed.

Please click for instructions on how to tell if you have the latest controller drivers installed.

If you need a new Statler computer, to upgrade your controller drivers, or if you have any questions about whether your system is ready for CreativeStudio 6.0 please contact your local Gammill Dealer. Click to locate your Gammill dealer.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Statler family!


Tim Fulham

General Manager"