"This week we are happy to introduce the new Point to Point Concatenation feature in CreativeStudio 6.0. This exciting feature adds the ability to place Point To Point patterns in a sequence. Point to Point Concatenation gives the ability to place patterns precisely and delivers a very custom result. Click http://www.gammill.com/files/Concatenation.mp4 to view a video of Paul Statler demonstrating the Point to Point Concatenation feature.

In previous versions of CreativeStudio Edge To Edge patterns can be concatenated in a similar manner to Point to Point Concatenation. If you would like to learn more about this process click http://www.gammill.com/files/Concatenation_E2E_project.zip for a short project and http://www.gammill.com/files/Concatenation_Tutorial.mp4 for a video on concatenating with Edge to Edge. The first sample contains four patriotic panels from Judy Lyons from Legacy Quilting. It makes a super simple, but impressive Edge to Edge that can be used as small wholecloth wall hanging. The second sample uses the Ride into the Sunset series from Kim Diamond of Sweet Dreams Studio.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Statler family!


Tim Fulham

General Manager"